I treat babies, children and teenagers in the comfort of their own home with a range of conditions. Childrens are not just small adults and therefore are treated differently. They often wish for different outcomes than adults. Physiotherapy also needs to be more fun!

Below is a list of conditions that I will treat (although the list is not exhaustive!)
If you are unsure, please contact me for an informal discussion about your child.

Neurological Conditions

• For example – cerebral palsy, spina bifida, acquired brain injury, muscular dystrophy and other genetic conditions.

Long Term Conditions

• Chronic fatigue/ME
• Chronic pain
• Any long term condition resulting in deconditioning or lack of strength and fitness.


• Failing to reach motor milestones such as sitting, standing & walking can be a concern. I can assess, treat where required & offer ideas to try at home.

Coordination & Balance

• Concerns regarding reduced balance, increased falls, inability to ride a bike independently.

• Diagnosed concerns e.g. developmental coordination disorder (DCD) or dyspraxia.


• Following injury, illness or surgery when further physiotherapy would be beneficial
• This could be during/after cancer treatment, after a fracture, following Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery (SDR) or at any other time when additional physiotherapy is needed.

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I love working with children and hope that is clearly evident during my sessions.

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