What To Expect

Achieving success through therapeutic play
Working together with you to address the unique needs of your child.

The First Appointment

The first appointment can be long: it usually lasts between 45 – 90 minutes and will involve a discussion regarding the concerns you have about your child as well as their medical history.

The first assessment would take place at your home to ensure that your child is at their most comfortable.It will also involve physical assessment which may include: hands-on assessment, observation of your child’s movement and your child demonstrating their movement skills.

After assessment, we will have a discussion about the issues identified and recommendations for ongoing input. You will be actively involved in joint goal setting and treatment planning.

Ongoing Treatment

The frequency and length of treatment sessions will depend on the outcome of the initial assessment, and will be discussed with you following this assessment.

Follow up sessions would usually be at your home, lasting anywhere between 30-60 minutes depending on your child’s age and ability to concentrate/engage with therapy. Treatment may comprise hands-on physiotherapy, therapeutic play and specific exercises as well as activities to practice between physiotherapy sessions.

A large focus of treatment is on fun!


Ending your sessions with Success Physiotherapy could be for many reasons:

• The planned goal has been achieved

• You have adequate skills to manage your child’s condition

• Your child is finding it difficult to engage with physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for your child is not your main priority at this time

If you have finished your sessions with Success Physiotherapy for whatever reason and decide to return, then just give me a call to resume sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to see my doctor before I see you?

No. You can refer your child by emailing or calling me. I am also happy to have a no-obligation chat by phone to allow you to decide whether you would like to be involved with Success Physiotherapy.

How much does it cost?

Please call me to discuss treatment options and their costs. A separate travel rate will also be added where mileage exceeds 7 miles from Success Physiotherapy’s base (South West Edinburgh).

I have an NHS physiotherapist, can I see someone privately too?

Yes. If you already have an NHS physiotherapist (or are currently on the waiting list to see an NHS physiotherapist) then you can also be seen by Success Physiotherapy. Good communication is essential when more than one physiotherapist is involved with a child and their family and I would, with your permission, call your child’s physiotherapist to discuss ways in which we can work collaboratively.

Can I withdraw from physiotherapy at any time?

Of course. If you wish to stop input from Success Physiotherapy please do not feel reluctant or embarrassed, part of my role is to initiate physiotherapy at the earliest possible stage – a key benefit of choosing private treatment.

Do I need any special clothing for my child's physiotherapy sessions?

No, they need to be comfortable and be able to move easily. Usually, during the assessment period, clothing may need to be minimised eg shorts and vest/vest and nappy to allow for good observation of movement.

Do I need any special equipment for my child's physiotherapy sessions?

Not usually. I often use the child’s favourite toys to engage them in physiotherapy (and I often bring some of my own). Occasionally I may ask you to use easily obtained inexpensive small pieces of equipment but I will often just use items found around the home.

Can I watch my child's physiotherapy session?

Of course. Children usually feel most relaxed with their parents in the room and are more likely to engage with physiotherapy when they are happy. I also encourage parental participation as physiotherapy should not end when the session finishes – parents and family members are essential members of the physiotherapy team and I will discuss activities and handling opportunities to practice between sessions.